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Online training will prepare you for any situation you may face in your day to day business. A few examples of our tutorials include Qualified versus Non-Qualified accounts, how to present surrender charges to a client, Roth IRA and Roth IRA conversions, and product training on every product we offer.

Production Tracking

All of your business done with DFS Marketing will be tracked by day, month, year and company. With a keystroke you can see complete detail of all business you have ever produced through DFS. Use this to monitor your progress from year to year and know exactly what is going on in your business.


Not only do we offer products from the top annuity companies you can use our product search engine to find the perfect product fit for your client in almost any situation. Search by product type, duration, bonus, commission, issue age, company, etc.

Calculators and Illustrations

Online and downloadable calculators to assist you in closing sales. Demonstrate the benefits of Roth conversion, tax-deferral, taxable equivalent yield, triple split income planning, Social Security tax reduction to name a few.

Personal Attention

At DFS you will work with the same marketing consultant every time. The same person will handle your contracting and new business every time. Our mission statement is Relentless Support for Financial Professionals and we take that very seriously. Long term, profitable relationships are the life blood of our business and it is our goal to become your business partner and to be indispensable to the success of your practice.

Retirement Income Planning Software and Training

You are aware of this huge opportunity but few advisors have mastered the process. Our Income Planning Tool makes you the expert. Learn how to use this tool to put together a 14 page comprehensive retirement income plan for retirees. The average annuity sale on these cases is in excess of $200,000. The software and complete training are available exclusively to DFS agents. If you prefer, you do the fact finding and our in house consultant will put together the plan for you. Your competition does not have this.

On Demand Lead Generation

Our firm consults with the most successful lead generation resources in the nation. Each month, we evaluate new opportunities that have proven to drive new prospects to your practice. Continuous marketing is the first step in building consistently increasing revenues and a hallmark of every top producer we serve. Avoid the common mistakes and take advantage of our detailed research. As we work together, our team will be able to help match your personality and practice to proven approaches that play to your strengths so that you may maximize your results.

Seminar/Workshop Presentations

Compliance approved Retirement Success Workshop along with complete script and voice over training to teach you how to give the seminar like a pro. Our Roth Conversion Seminar is a one hour seminar presentation that will make you the Roth Conversion expert in your community. Convert millions of dollars of qualified money to Roth IRA accounts with this workshop. This will be the hottest topic in the business for the next two years.

Consumer Presentations

Imagine having the best sales presentations from the industry’s top producers at your fingertips. Each presentation and complete script is available to you for each of these powerful presentations.

Contracting Detail

At your fingertips you can see all of your contracts through DFS including your producer numbers with each carrier.

Insurance Marketing Organization

Top-Notch Support For Insurance Professionals
It’s not about ideas.
It’s about making ideas happen.

DFS Marketing is an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) dedicated to meeting the needs of Insurance Professionals who focus their practice on the sale of Life Insurance and Annuities, including Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Universal Life. DFS was founded in 2011 with its executives and employees having over 25 years of combined experience in the fixed indexed annuity and life insurance business. Any competent Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) should provide good service, great products, and competitive compensation. Many Insurance Marketing Organizations offer leads, lead systems, software, and generic presentations as an enticement to get you to contract with them. If your IMO (Insurance Marketing) offers all of this and it's working you should be grateful and thank them with your loyalty. Unfortunately you may be getting these things from your IMO and still struggling to earn a living. The sad fact is few lead systems work and most sales presentations are a rehash of ideas that your prospects have seen a hundred times.

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Our talented and professional team are waiting to assist you!
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Julian N. Dougharty

Julian was the number one producer for a national insurance wholesaling firm for 10 years straight. he has provided research and consulting services to thousands of independent financial professionals, insurance companies, and financial firms in a variety of annuity and life arenas.
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Mae Arroyo

Vice President
Mae Arroyo has 20 years experience in the financial services and has held management positions with BHC Marketing and currently with DFS Marketing. A graduate of De La Salle University with a B.S in Business Management.
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Jamie Eisenman

National Sales Manager
Jamie Eisenman was Born in Ft. Myers, Florida and attended the University of Central Florida. As a longtime former small business owner, he enjoys working with Independent Agents in building their Individual Annuity/Life sales while working on marketing, sales strategy and advertising opportunities.
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Pezhman Rezaeinia

Marketing Information Technology Professional
Pezhman has 15 years of experience in Information Technology. Before Joining DFS Marketing, Pezhman Worked for a diverse range of organizations including Foxconn Assembly LLC, PCS-CTS and American Web Page.
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Brad Duckett

Marketing Consultant
Brad has 20+ years in supervisory and sales experience, consisting of assisting and advising (producers) throughout the country making the best possible decision for there clients needs. Brad enjoys the outdoors with his wife while hunting and fishing and spending time with the pets.


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