Consumer Sale Presentation Videos

These series of presentations are for agents use only to benefit those agents who do business with DFS Marketing. These training series provides general information on SPIA and does not represent specific sales advice.

Consumer Sale Presentation Videos

This presentation series has been developed to benefit agents who do business with us. This conceptual client presentation has been purposely designed to allow you the flexibility you need to select the appropriate product to meet your specific client's needs. These tools have been designed, so that benefits expressed in the conceptual presentations can be achieved by using the variety of insurance products, allowing you to work with the carriers and products you feel best suit you and your clients.

Tax Planning Toolkit

When you know how to leverage tax planning you will generate more business. Our new tax planning toolkit delivers a ready to use sale system designed to elevate your game by showing you exactly how to tap into the biggest concerns effecting your prospects and demonstrating value in areas effecting their retirement success.

AmeriLyzer Fiduciary Platform

Within a few months, agents will be required to align with a recognized Financial Institution when they render advice on qualified accounts. This creates an exposure for many marketing firms who are not in position to take on the Financial Institution burden. We are committed to our agent partners and would like to help you solve this problem.

How to Sell a LTC Annuity

This webinar is provided to you to learn how to sell a LTC annuity correctly.

How to Make a Sale from Lead

By watching this video, You will learn how to make a sale from leads. DFS Marketing provides free 401k and annuity leads for the agents who are appointed with us. To learn more about our free lead generation system, please call us at 855.740.3140.

About DFS Marketing

DFS Marketing provides a great services and reward programs to it's agents. If you are licensed life insurance agent, contact us to learn how our marketing system and lead generation programs can help you get more appointments and potentially generate more sales.


Our insights on annuity and the retirement income world have helped wholesale over five hundred million dollars of index linked fixed annuities for the largest insurance companies in the world. We have been asked by life insurance companies to address their annual meetings and teach financial professionals the realities of index annuities.



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