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How to Get Your Business on Local News at No Cost

One effective way to increase brand awareness is by being featured in the news. Many people still get their community information from the local news, so it’s always effective for a company to direct attention to their business by coming out on the local news.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any agent looking to educate seniors and to generate insurance LEADS. We provide all the marketing, production, and studio time costs to film and produce your video’s. Since we are providing a lot of helpful resources and expenses we require agents to partner with us through one of our insurance carriers we represent. You will need to complete paperwork to partner with us along with the necessary documentation.  Once the appointment paperwork with one of our insurance carriers is approved, you will be able to start filming your video right away.

Let’s get started! We offer a list of insurance carriers that we work with. We only require for the agent to partner with us with at least one insurance carrier to get started (American Equity, F&G, Equitrust, Athene, National Western, Phoenix, Legacy Marketing).

After you have signed and completed all the paperwork attached you will need to send all forms, along with a voided check, insurance license, and a copy of current E&O policy to or fax 832-220-5856

What is the advantage for the insurance agent?

DFS Marketing is a marketing organization that uses television across the country to help generate leads for the agent.  Our goal is to create the opportunity for our agents by promoting their business online or on Television. Since we provide the cost of filming and producing agent videos, we request the agent to join our marketing team by contracting through us. We are not a captive marketing organization. We only encourage agents to give our marketing organization the opportunity to help you increase your book of business and a chance to meet new clientele through our strategic successful marketing strategy.  Please call us today and we can start a strategic seminar plan for you and to help you achieve higher success through our support. 

How long does it take until the insurance agent can film the first video?

Once the insurance agent sends back the contracting paperwork from the insurance carrier and is approved we can setup your first filming session in our studio.

Is there a cost to film and produce video’s?

Only cost to you is your travel to DFS Marketing’s office in Conroe, TX and or any television/ radio station fees or charges, if any. There is no cost for filming or producing the video’s. If you would like DFS to travel to you to film, you will pay for the travel, hotel, and rental car expenses from Houston TX to your location.  



























If you have any questions or need assistance getting started please contact our President or Sales Manager:

Life Insurance Marketing

Julian N. Dougharty


Direct: 832.220.5858


Life Insurance & Annuity

Jamie Eisenman

National Sales Manager

Direct: 281.369.4639