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DFS Marketing offers all!!!

P.A.I.D Bucks
One on One Appointments
Value Added Services
Web Development
401k Business Referral Program
Video Marketing
and So Many More Services!

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Life Insurance Marketing

Let us show you how to make more money and deliver better service to your clients!

Julian N. Dougharty - President


Producer Advertising Incentive Dollars

P.A.I.D Bucks can be used just like cash for any business expense. It’s one of the highest paying production incentive in the industry for every dollar you produce.

One on One Appointments

Work less and make more money!

Different than seminars, this model is based on a targeted methodology which offers an easy way to meet with qualified prospects. Its Turn-Key lead generation and one-on-one concept allow you to have personal interactions, begin forming relationships with people that do not traditionally frequent seminars, and help you be selective in the people that you target and meet.
Our one-on-one concept has been utilized more than 2,500 times in the past 5 years and is a proven way to reach new potential clients, influence their buying decisions, and differentiate your products and services.
RSVP service available 24/7, that will prequalify the candidates and set the appointments according to your schedule. The average campaign has yielded between 17-25 phone calls and 8-12 qualified appointments.

Value Added Services

We help you see more people!

One of the first items we’ll discuss together are your goals for the year. You may be surprised how few advisors can articulate their goals. Planning out what levels of revenue or production you want to reach is the first step in your new business plan.

Web Development


Our team of experts is skilled at building your image and credibility and helping you attract new clients, communicate effectively with current clients and generate more referrals. Imagine having access to your own advertising agency with writers, designers, web specialists, videographers, journalists, PR pros and social media experts.

401k Business Referral Program

It’s here and it’s free!

DFS Marketing helps you with providing free marketing to help grow your business, We offer marketing to tap into the very lucrative 401k market, please call DFS Marketing today for more information.

Video Marketing


Videos produced in our studio increase your visibility, give potential clients the motivation to call you and boost your search engine optimization, which propels you to the top of web searches. We make the whole recording process easy and comfortable for you by writing your scripts, coaching you on your delivery and featuring you in the best light…literally and figuratively! Video consumption accounts for more than half of all internet traffic, so professional videos produce a powerful marketing punch.


Our insights on annuity and the retirement income world have helped wholesale over five hundred million dollars of index linked fixed annuities for the largest insurance companies in the world. We have been asked by life insurance companies to address their annual meetings and teach financial professionals the realities of index annuities.



Don’t hesitate to ask. Email us directly or call us at 1-855-740-3140. We helped hundreds of agents all around the U.S.


At DFS Marketing, you will work with the same marketing consultant every time. The same person will handle your contracting and new business every time. Our mission statement is Relentless Support for Financial Professionals and we take that very seriously. Long term, profitable relationships are the life blood of our business and it is our goal to become your business partner and to be indispensable to the success of your practice.