July 12, 2016

DFS Marketing Inc.

DFS Marketing is an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) dedicated to meeting the needs of Insurance Professionals who focus their practice on the sale of Life Insurance and Annuities, including Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Universal Life. DFS was founded in 2011 with its executives and employees having over 25 years of combined experience in the fixed indexed annuity and life insurance business.
Any competent Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) should provide good service, great products, and competitive compensation. Many IMO's offer leads, lead systems, software, and generic presentations as an enticement to get you to contract with them. If your IMO offers all of this and it's working you should be grateful and thank them with your loyalty. Unfortunately you may be getting these things from your IMO and still struggling to earn a living. The sad fact is few lead systems work and most sales presentations are a rehash of ideas that your prospects have seen a hundred times.